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February cover: Bulbophyllum JM Guilloty 'Alamar' HCC/AOC view award
Feature articles:
AOC 2021 Conference - Focus on Springbrook Bushwalk by Wilcox, Warren
AOCC 2021 Update by Vickers, Les
The Stunning Dendrobium victoriae-regina by Cootes, Jim
Polycarbonates, Glass and Orchids by Rees, John
AOF Award of Honour - Richard Thomson by Richards, Helen
Why do we lime Dendrobium speciosum? - pH in natural habitats by Chan, K. Yin & Chan, Sau-wan
Coats of Arms with Orchids by Chequer, Graeme & Gaye
AOC Awards 2020 (Nos. 6287 to 6323)
Mounting by Lynch, Stephen
Growing Orchids in an Apartment - AOF Essay Competition by Peterson, Trish
West Brisbane Orchid Society's Field Day October 2020 by Kidd, Ian

April cover: Miltoniopsis Up Country Puna 'Keaau Star' HCC/AOC 2020 (WA) view award
Feature articles:
Bulbophylum ovalifolium - A Minature Delight by Cootes, Jim
AOCC 2021 Update - now AOCC 2022 by Vickers, Les
Australian Orchid of the Year 2020 by Rees, John
Sylvia Riley - Emeritus Judge by Grundon, Noel
Aerangis punctata - A Delightful Mini Orchid by Vickers, Les
Cymbidium Helen Bannerman by Baker, Murray
Tips & Hints on Growing Bifoliate Cattleya by Hopkins, Russ & Jan
My Journey to Becoming an AOC Judge by Steer, Phillip
NQ Orchid Fair 2021 by Shoesmith, Rod
Growing Orchids in a Small Area or Balcony - AOF Essay by Axelsson, Helena
Australian Postal History and Orchids by Chequer, Gaye & Graeme
Devonport Orchid Society Inc. 50 Year Anniversary by Cannon, John
AOC Awards 2020 (Nos. 6324 to 6361)

June cover: Masdevallia coccinea 'Vaso's Snow' AM/AOC 2020 (VIC) view award
Feature articles:
Australian Orchid of 2020 by Rees, John
21st AOC Conference Update by Vickers, Les
World Orchid Conference (WOC23) by Rees, John
The Wonderful Bulbophyllum ecornutum by Cootes, Jim
19th Kempsey Speciosum Spectacular - Sept 2021 by Ritchie, Phil
Catasetum Top Rot by Watkinson, Tony
Mingara Orchid Fair and Show by Bartlett, Marie
AOC Awards 2020 (Nos. 6362 to 6401)
Blasts from the Past by Harris, John FAOC
Growing Orchids in a Small Area or Balcony by Collins, Kate

August cover: Bulbophyllum kubahense 'Georgie'  AM/AOC 2020 (WA) view award
Feature articles:
An Unusual Habitat for Acianthus fornicatus by Cootes, Jim
AOCC 2021 Update - now AOCC 2022 by Vickers, Les
AOC Cultural Award of the Year 2020 Plaque Presentation by Vickers, Les
Sanders ? by Rees, John
The Virtual World Orchid Conference 2021 by Davey, Marion
Alvin Bryant F.A.O.C. by Hopkins, Russ
Synonyms by Rees, John
Mounts by Rees, John
Orchid Clubs and Social Media by Bael, Van A-J
AOC Awards 2021 (Nos. 6402 to 6437)

October cover: Bulbophyllum ocellatum 'Port Hacking' CBM/AOC 2021 (NSW) view award
Feature articles:
AOCC 2022 - update by Vickers, Les
Bulbophyllum lasianthum - A Confirmed Locality Record for the Philippines by Cootes, Jim
Catasetum Splits by Rees, John
Litchfield Orchid Club's Orchid Spectacular by Davey, Marion
WA's Intersociety Display and Show attracts AOC President by Larson, Bruce
Jobs to Do by Lynch, Stephen
AOC Awards 2020 (Nos. 6438 to 6475)
Tips and Tricks by Mayfield, Trevor
Australian Children's Book Illustrations and Native Orchids by Chequer, Gaye & Graeme

December cover: Laelia anceps 'Lynette' FCC/AOC 2021 (SA) view award
Feature articles:
Cattleya intermedia by Chalmers, Ian
AOCC 2022 For the Love of Orchids Update by Vickers, Les & Haase, Ken
Book Review - A Compendium of Miniature Orchid Species by Ron Parsons & Mary Gerritsen by Cootes, Jim
Vale Rudolf Jenny by Jenny-Keller, Veronika
Growing Soft Cane Dendrobiums by Rees, John
Nightcliff Orchid Society Spring Show 2021 by Davey, Marion
Stopping the Rot by Lynch, Stephen
Mounts by Rees, John
Glasshouse Country Orchid Society Show 2021 by Rees, John
Tips and Tricks - Stakes by Lynch, Stephen
Have You Seen These at Your Club? AOC Trophies by Hills, Coralie FAOC
AOC Awards 2021 (Nos. 6476 to 6510)
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