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Selected year: 2020

February cover: Masdevallia Peppermint Touch 'Beenak' AM/AOC 2019 (VIC) view award
Feature articles:
Dendrobium valmayorae and its Natural Habitat by De Leon, Miguel & Cootes, Jim
AOCC 2021 For the Love of Orchids Update by Vickers, Les
New Orchid Houses by Chalmers, Ian & Irene
Orchids in Apartments by Rees, John
Andrew Brown - The AOF Award of Honour by Beiby, Geoff & McCauley Peter
Up in the Trees Growing Epiphytes in the Garden by Corbett, Darryl
Flowering our Sarcochilus Orchids earlier in Sydney by Chilling by Chan, Yin & Sau-wan
Nightcliff Orchid Society by Davey, Marion
AOC Awards 2019 (Nos. 6077 to 6109)

April cover: Cym. Bunyip 'Precious Memories' HCC/AOC 2019 (NSW) view award
Feature articles:
Regional Orchids of 2019 by Rees, John
AOCC 2021 For the Love of Orchids Update by Vickers, Les
Paphiopedilum philippinense - An Orchid Gem by Cootes, Jim
Selected Progeny of Dendrobium Elegant Heart by Farrell, Callyn
Appreciation Judging by Rees, John
AOF Essay Competition: How My Orchids Survive While I Am Away by Corbett, Darryl
Alternative Phalaenopsis Pots by Shaughnessy, Jim
AOC Awards 2019 (Nos. 6110 to 6143)

June cover: Aerangis articulata 'Wilmar' FCC/AOC 2019 (QLD) view award
Feature articles:
Ausralian Orchids of the Year 2019 by Rees, John
2020 TIOS and WOC23 by Rees, John
AOCC 2021 For the Love of Orchids Update by Vickers, Les
Cymbidium chloranthum - An Orchid Gem by Cootes, Jim
Catasetinae and How to Grow Them by Clarke, Fred
Phaius tankervilleae by Chalmers, John
How do My Orchids Survive While I'm Away? Go away, please!! by Robinson, Jan
Shulong - Tiawan Orchid Nursery by Blaber, Giles
Is Space a Problem? by Shaughnessy, Jim
WBOS Easter Orchid Show on Facebook by Killen, Brendan
AOC Awards 2019 (Nos. 6144 to 6180)

August cover: Cymbidium canaliculatum 'Mareeba' ACE/AOC 2018 (NSW) view award
Feature articles:
Paxton and Cavendish by Rees, John
The Story of the Crucifix Orchid by Chequer, Gaye & Graeme
AOCC 2021 For the Love of Orchids Update by Vickers, Les
Angraecum distichum - A delightful Miniature by Cootes, Jim
The TIOS 2020 by Fox, Penny
Cattleya intermedia Group by Chalmers, Ian & Irene
What it means to be an AOC Judge by Lynch, Stephen
How Do My Orchids Survive While I am Away from Home? by Heitman, Janice
AOF Updating the Native Orchid Display, Cairns by Richards, Helen & Campbell, Greg
Repotting Keikis by Howard, Steve
How I use beneficatial insects - The Lacewing and the Hackberry by Foo, Candice
Drought Protection by Chalmers, Ian & Irene
Golden Orchid Flight by Chequer, Gaye & Graeme
AOC Awards 2019 (Nos. 6181 to 6214)

October cover: Catasetum Penang 'Wirra Willa' FCC/AOC 2020 (NSW) view award
Feature articles:
AOCC 2021 For the Love of orchids Update by Vickers, Les
WOC Perth 2024 by Larson, Bruce
AOCC 2021 Conference Bushwalks by Wilcox, Warren
Some Upright - Growing Trichoglottis Species by Cootes, Jim
Sam Scalia 2020 by Hopkins, Russell
Emeritus Judge Awards by Shaughnessy, Jim
Growing orchids by the Moon Cycles by Dundas, Robyn
Kilnsey Park by Chequer, Gaye & Graeme
Watering my Orchids in Winter by Shaughnessy, Jim
The Rise and Fall of Orchid Stamp Collecting by Chalmers, Ian FAOC
Taiwan 2020 - By the 'Eight Day Group' by Robinson, Jan & Clowes, Veronica
AOC Awards 2019 (Nos. 6215 to 6250)

December cover: Zygopetalum Jumpin Jack 'Chromatica' HCC/AOC 2020 (NSW) view award
Feature articles:
The Genus Ludisa by Cootes, Jim & Vuong Ba Truong
A new combination for a recently described genus - Blepharoglossum by Cootes, Jim
A Can of Worms by Rees, John
Escape COVID-19 Madness to Orchids on the Western Plains of NSW by Chalmers, Ian FAOC
The Orchid Menagerie by Minnelli, Lucy
Maintaining Cymbidiums by Howard, Steve
Dendrobium Survives Anything by Hills, Coralie FAOC & Harris, John
Nightcliff Orchid Society Spring Show 2020 by Davey, Marion
Orchid Club of South Australia - Spring Show 2020 by Shaughnessy, Jim
Annual Index for 2020
AOC Awards 2019 (Nos. 6251 to 6285)