Ctt. Caudetapp 'Nullabor Sunset'
AD/AOC 2022 (QLD) 0.00  07.Apr.2022  Owner: Hopkins R. & J. Event: SCOS show
Description: 1 inflorescence of 150mm with 11 flowers; petals and sepals greyed/purple 187A spots over yellow/orange 23B; labellum front lobe red/purple 67C, side l;obes white 155d with a flush of greyed purple 186D
Epidendrum stamfordianum 'Pink Princess'
AD/AOC 2021 (NSW) 0.00  17.Oct.2021  Owner: Bromley L. & G. Event: Convened panel
Description: 3 inflorescences of 473mm with 176 flowers and 21 buds (55 + 10 relevant); petals and sepals yellow green 153C heavily overlaid with grey red 182A; labellum Purple group 75A with markings of red purple NN155B on edge of side lobes and callus
Rhynchostylis gigantea 'Fetty's Gold'
AD/AOC 2021 (NT) 0.00  09.Aug.2021  Owner: Fett D. & S. Event: Monthly meeting
Description: 2 inflorescences of 240mm with 67 flowers and 1 bud (38 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow 10C flushing to orange 29C; labellum white 155D with base of column green 143D
Lyc. Abou Mito 'Brilliant Yellow'
AD/AOC 2020 (NSW) 0.00  23.Oct.2020  Owner: Allen J. Event: COVID OSNSW Panel
Description: 4 inflorescences of 145mm with 2 flowers and 2 buds (1 relevant); petals Yellow 3A with fine spots of orange red N34B at base of petals; sepals Green Yellow 154B; labellum Yellow 3A
Den. Australian Sunblessed 'Journey Red'
AD/AOC 2020 (VIC) 0.00  08.Jul.2020  Owner: Truong N. Event: Convened panel
Description: 16 inflorescences of 150mm with 80 flowers and 8 buds (5 + 1 relevant); Green/white 157A heavilt overlaid with basal stippling Red 46A; labellum white with red/purple 57A blotching
Den. Brimbank Uluru 'Sydenham'
AD 0.00  20.Jun.2020  Owner: Drobski M. Event: convened panel
Description: 13 inflorescences of 105mm with 62 flowers and 25 buds (10 relevant); all segments greyed/purple 187B with yellow/orange 15B
Den. Brimbank Uluru 'Big Red'
AD/AOC 2020 (VIC) 0.00  08.Jun.2020  Owner: Drobski M. Event: convened judging
Description: 14 inflorescences of 100mm with 37 flowers and 27 buds (5 relevant); all segments Yellow 3C heavily overlaid with blotchy Grey/purple 187C
Rlc. Segundina Vizcarra 'Laina'
AD/AOC 2019 (QLD) 0.00  08.Feb.2020  Owner: Hopkins R. & J. Event: STOCQ AGM Gympie
Description: 1 inflorescence of 85mm with 3 flowers; petals and sepals white NN155D with a red purple flare 72A; labellum central yellow 17C outer red purple 59A
Sarco. Kulnura Taser 'Bethany'
AD/AOC 2019 (NSW) 0.00  20.Oct.2019  Owner: Barrita Orchids Event: Barrita Nursery Open Day
Description: 2 inflorescences of 147mm with 20 flowers and 12 buds (9 + 7 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow 13A; labellum White NN155D with yellow 13A at tip
Sarco. Kulnura Khaleesi 'Viserion'
AD/AOC 2019 (NSW) 0.00  19.Oct.2019  Owner: Barrita Orchids Event: Revesby Sarco Show
Description: 3 inflorescences of 114mm with 17 flowers and 16 buds (7 + 6 relevant); petals and sepals white NN155D heavily overlaid with grey orange 163A over central half. Distal ends white NN155D; labellum Yellow 13B
Gomestele Jerry Lawless 'Golden Gate'
AD/AOC 2019 (VIC) 0.00  01.Nov.2019  Owner: Miles C. Event: Stawell OS summer show
Description: 1 inflorescence of 525mm with 7 flowers and 1 bud; purple 79A; labellum purple 79A lightening to 79B with centre srtipe of yellow 12A
Paph. Pilot 'Oliver'
AD/AOC 2019 (NSW) 0.00  10.Oct.2019  Owner: Ho S.T. Event: Southern Orchid Spectacular
Description: 1 inflorescence of 85mm with1 flower; petals Red purple 72B with spots and striations of red purple N78A; sepals yellow green 146B with shading and markings of red purple 72B; labellum Base colour yellow green 146B with shading and markings of red purple
Den. Sherry Abe 'Pink Champagne'
AD/AOC 2019 (QLD) 0.00  05.Sep.2019  Owner: Robertson J. Event: Nambour OS spring show
Description: 5 inflorescences of 350mm with 22 flowers and 11 buds (6+2 relevant); all segments purple 77A over white 155C
 6087 Rlc. Village Chief North 'Green Genius' AD/AOC 2019 (VIC) 0.00  19.Jul.2019  Owner: Haniver J. Event: Werribee Winter Show
Description: 1 inflorescence of 140mm with 6 flowers; petals Purple violet N81C overlying White Group 155B; sepals Yellow Green Group 149C; labellum Purple violet N80A
Ctt. Burgundy Delight 'Rob's Pride'
AD/AOC 2019 (VIC) 0.00  12.Apr.2019  Owner: Peckham R. Event: Dandenong Monthly Meeting
Description: 1 inflorescence of 205 mm with 8 flowers; all segments including most of the labellum Red Purple Group 71A ; back of labellum White group 155D
Cym. Mesmerise 'Looby Loo'
AD/AOC 2018 (SA) 0.00  28.Jul.2018  Owner: Moon J. Event: GDOC Winter Show
Description: 3 inflorescences of 1060mm with 44 flowers (16 relevant) petals and sepals Greyed Yellow 162C, Overlaid with Greyed Red 178D; labellum Greyed Yellow 162C, Keels Yellow Group 12C, Overlaid with Greyed Purple Group 187A
Cattleya purpurata 'Carmen'
AD/AOC 2018 (NSW) 0.00  10.Dec.2018  Owner: Cutajar J. Event: Purpurata show at Royale Orchids
Description: 1 inflorescence of 289mm with 5 flowers; all segments Base colour white group N155A with slightly darker striations of a greyed coerulea shade
Gom. Ronaele 'Roxy'
AD/AOC 2018 (NSW) 0.00  26.Nov.2018  Owner: Cutajar J. Event: OSNSW November meeting
Description: 1 inflorescence of 540 mm with 48 flowers; petals and sepals Yellow group 11A; labellum Yellow group 6B; labellum Base colour white NN155A with markings of greyed orange 166C
Dendrobium tetragonum subsp. tetragonum 'Kay's Glory'
AD/AOC 2018 (NSW) 0.00  08.Sep.2018  Owner: Baker P. Event: Coffs Harbour OS Spring Show
Description: 21 inflorescences of 40mm with 45 flowers and 22 buds (5 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow Green Group N144C fading to yellow green 154D at Centre; labellum Yellow Green Group N144C fading to yellow green 154D at Centre
Guarianthe aurantiaca 'HG'
AD/AOC 2018 (VIC) 0.00  02.Nov.2018  Owner: Lee R. Event: Stawell summer show
Description: 2 inflorescences of 150mm with 22 flowers (10 relevant); all segments orange/red 33A with spots of red 45A
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