Award no: 6699
Genus: Anoectochilus
Plant name:
Anoectochilus brevilabris 'Sturt'
Owner: Parish R. & I.   Show all awards this owner
Award: HCC/AOC 2022 (SA)
Points: 76.70
Date: 11.Mar.2022
Event: Convened panel
Description: 1 inflorescence of 280mm with 14 flowers and 10 buds; labellum and petals White 155D; dorsal sepal Greyed green 191B. White hairs. Red 37C Edge; ventral sepals Top: Greyed green 191B, merging to Red 37C Bottom: Red 37A merging to red 37B
Parentage: species   List all awards this grex or species
Flower length: 15.0
Flower width: 11.0
Flower petals: 10L 3W
Dorsal sepal: na
Ventral sepals: 4L 2W
Labellum: 12L 10W


Photos by: Harris J

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