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February cover: Catasetum tenebtosum 'Mac' AM/AOC 2016 (WA)  #5375 view award
Feature articles:
Singapore by Rees, John
Introducing Bulbophyllum dayanum by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
Dendrobium of Papua New Guinea: Den. geotropum by Cara, Jon
Vanilla planifolia by Rees, John
Orchid Hybridising - for Love not Money by Bade, Terri
Some Early, Some Late, Some Unexpected by Stephenson, Alan FAOC
Orchid Trivia by Rees, John
Vale - Nigel (Nick) Frederick Woolley by Southern QLD Orchid Community by S. QLD O. Community
Harlequin Phalaenopsis Judging - Definition & Unique Factors by McKay, Dr Graham
AOC Awards 2016 (Nos. 5447 to 5485)

April cover: Miltonia oreliana 'Big Ben' FCC/AOC 2015 (NSW)  #5194 view award
Feature articles:
Master, Teacher, Hybridiser - Neville Roper by Coulton, Daniel
Cattleya walkeriana by Rees, John
Colonal Names on Orchids by Rees, John
52nd TQOC/70th TOS Anniversary Conference & Show by Boon, Ted
An unexpected place to find orchid books by Harris, John FAOC
Book Review - The Genus Paphiopedilum 2nd Edition by Hills, Coralie
A Green Residential Development (Sorry, but this is 'green' in name only) by Stephenson, Alan FAOC
Big Lip Phalaenopsis - Breeding (Part 1) by McKay, Dr Graham
Announcement - Australian Orchid Conference 2018, Orchids in the Foothills
AOC Awards 2016 (Nos. 5486 to 5523)

June cover: Aerangis articulata 'Wilmar' ACE/AOC 2016 (QLD) #5499 view award
Feature articles:
Orchids of the Year - 2016 by Rees, John
Hybridising Orchids - an Australian Story: breeding the perfect 'red' Den. kingianum by Chang, Yin & Sau-wan
The Story of a Pretty little Pink Thing & Hard Rocker OR Den. kingianum and Me by Edwards, Lloyd
Ira Butler Awards and the Need for Better Photography by Stephenson, Alan FAOC
Something Different Campanulorchis globifera (Rolfe) Brieger by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
15th Kempsey Speciosum Spectaclar (2016) & the coming 16th (2017) by Ritchie, Phil
AOC Awards 2017 (Nos 5529 to 5563
An Excellent Peloric Phalaenopsis - A Judge's Dilemma by McKay, Dr Graham
Phalaenopsis Award Judging Standards by Harris, John FAOC
The Biggest and the Best? Cymbidium Sauve by Stephenson, Alan FAOC
Sub-Tropic Orchid Council (STOCQ by Rees, John

August cover: Miltonia clowesii
Feature articles:
Miltonia clowesii - An Ideal Beginner's Orchid! by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
My Year So Far by Stephenson, Alan FAOC
Blotters and Orchids by Chequer, Graeme & Gaye
Award Photography - Can We Improve Image Quality? by McMonagle, Charlie & Kemp, John
Phalaenopsis Photography for AOC Awards, Requirements & Consistency by McKay, Dr Graham
RHS Wisley by Rees, John & Lavina
Dendrobium versus Dockrillia by Rees, John
Phalaenopsis Award Judging Standards by McKay, Dr Graham
AOC Awards 2017 (Nos. 5465 to 5583)

October cover: Den. Red Emperor 'B & J' HCC/AOC 2016 (NSW) #5620 view award
Feature articles:
Dendrobium erectifolium - An Uncommon Gem by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
Pigment Suppression by Rees, John
OSNSW Display at TQOC Conference 2017 by Chalmers, Ian
A Trip to Townsville by Stephenson, Alan FAOC
Novelty Phalaenopsis - Classical Breeding Directions by McKay, Dr Graham
White Balance in Orchid Photography by Rees, John
Vale - Margaret Hewitt FAOC by Harris, John
Vale - Mick Keith by Boon, Ted
SAROC Fair June 2017 by Gunn, Robert
AOC Awards 2017 (Nos. 5584 to 5622)

December cover: Paph. St Swithin Yeowie' HCC/AOC 2016 (NSW) view award
Feature articles:
Annual General Meeting - Board of Management by Hills, Coralie FAOC
Pinalia philippinensis - An Orchid Gem by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
Malvern Central Park Conservatory: Life Through Orchids by Leah, Kath
Three Brazilians> by Rees, John
Celebrating Australian Orchid Species - Dendrobium tetragonum by Ritchie, Phil
We Prefer the Company of Each Other by Stephenson, Alan FAOC
Orchids + Insects = Art by Harris, John FAOC
21st Australian Orchid Council Conference & Show "Orchids in the Foothills" by Dalrymple, Chris
The Sections of Dendrobium - Changes consequent to GO6 by McMonagle, Charlie
AOC Awards 2017 (Nos. 5624 to 5622)
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