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February cover: Dendrobium secundum an exibit at the 2017 World Orchid Conf., Guayaquil Ecuador
Feature articles:
Judging at WOC 22 by Rees, John
WOC 22 - Highlights of the Conference Program by McMonagle, Charlie
WOC 22 - A Celebration of Orchids by Hills, Coralie FAOC
POWOP - A new Checklist for Orchid Species by McMonagle, Charlie
Dendrobium hymenanthum - a Real Charmer by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
Details of the 21st AOC Conference and Show July 2018 by Conference Committee
Early Orchid Illustrators in Australia by Leath, Kath
Book Review - Charles Parish - Plant Hunter and Botanical Artist in Burma by Hills, Coralie FAOC
Lottery/Raffle Tickets and Orchids by Chequer, Graeme & Gaye
Sections of Dendrobium - Revision to Appendix December 2017 Article by McMonagle, Charlie
Orchid Ailments and Their Management by Robinson, Jan
Environmental Burns and Rain by Stephenson, Alan FAOC
AOC Awards 2017 (Nos. 5663 to 5702)

April cover: Cattleya coccinea 'Jelhai' HCC/AOC - 2017 (NSW) 5731 view award
Feature articles:
Details of the 21st AOC Conference & Show 'Orchids in the Foothills' by Mason, Helen
A Delightful Duo Bulbophyllum annandalei & Bulbophyllum bicolor by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
Inkaterra Gardens, Peru by Rees, John
Changes to Orchid Hybrid Registrations by Shaw, Julian
Sarcochilus My Way by Shaughnessy, Jim
Musings on The Cooktown Orchid, Dendrobium bigibbum by Glover, Jeff
Are We There Yet? Cattleya guttata by Rees, John
Mingara Orchid Society by Bartlett, Marie
State Orchids of the Year 2017 by Rees, John
Phragipediums and Anthocyanins by Rees, John
Orchid Ailments and Their Management by Riddoch, Spikey
AOC Awards 2017 (Nos. 5703 to 5742)

June cover: Thelymitra flexusa (twisted sun orchid)
Feature articles:
Australian Orchid of the Year 2017 by Rees, John
One-day Wonders - Ephemeral Beauty by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
21st AOC Conference & Show- Getting to know the vendors by Chalmers, Irene
Award of Distinction - for judges discussion by Rees, John
Vale - Daphne Dobell by Radford, Phil
Orchid Ailments and Their Management by Molle, Richard
Betilla striata by Jennings, Collin FAOC
Eco Tours Tasmania - Spring Orchid Tour October 2017 by Curry, Geoff
16th Kempsey Speciosum Spectacular 2017 and coming Sept. 2018 by Ritchie, Phil
AOC Awards 2017 (Nos. 5743 to 5772)

August cover: Pterostylis acuminata   Photo: Alan Stephenson FAOC
Feature articles:
Oncidium ornithorhynchum/Oncidim Sotoanumm by Rees, John
Bulbophyllum pardalotum, A Variable Species by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
Ken and Di Selwood's Darwin Orchid Garden by Davey, Dr Marion
The Influence of Sarcochilus hirticalcar in Breeding by Shaughnessy, Jim
Book Review: The Wasp and the Orchid - the remarkkable life of Australian naturalist Edith Coleman by Wild, Helene
Yunnan Orchid Highlights by Viskic, Edda
Orchids, Painters and Their Works by Chequer, Gaye & Graeme
Expect to be Surprised by Stephenson, Alan FAOC
Vale 'Ellie' Eleanor June Dean OAM, 1936-2018 by Glover, Jeff
AOC Awards 2017/2018 (Nos. 5773 to 5805)

October cover: Blue Phalaenopsis featured at the 21st AOC Conference & Show
Feature articles:
Blue Phalaenopsis by Chalmers, Ian FAOC
Big Plant - But Small Flowers (Sarcophyton pachyphyllus) by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
21st Australian Orchid Conference & Show by Hills, Coralie FAOC
Splash Petal Hypothesis by Rees, John
How Orchids are Named - an Introduction by Shaw, Julian
Western Australia Inter-Society Orchid Display & Workshop by Shaughnessy, Jim
Eulophia Memoria Alexis Pardo by Fulton, Richard
Hygienic Practice by Jones, Ken
AOC Awards 2017/2018 (Nos. 5806 to 5838)

December cover: Paphiopedilum weshanense 'TOM' AM/AOC 2018 (NSW) #5902 view award
Feature articles:
Dendrobium lindley/aggregatum - An Annual Favourite by Glover, Jeff
A Day in the Forests of Lake Danao, Leyte. Philippines by Cootes, Jim & Tiong, George
AOC - AGM 20 October 2018 by Hills, Coralie
Genus Chysis by Rees, John
World First! Critically Endangered Tasmanian Orchids Flower for the First Time at the RTBG by Perrins, Lorraine & Swarts, Nigel
Obituary - Colin Keith Andrew 1930 - 2018 by Griffiths, Ken
21st AOC Conference and Show, South Windsor, July 2018 by Dalrymple, Chris
Spring Flowering Fredclarkeara by Rees, John
AOC Awards 2018 (Nos. 5839 to 5871)
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