Contents October (Vol. 31 - No. 5)

Cover: Coelogyne fimbriata 'Windemere' ACC/AOC 2019 (QLD) #6050

Owner L. & K. Kinnish, Photo by C. McMonagle


Jim Cootes: Typification for the genus Pseuderia

Jim Cootes: Dendrobium section Dolichocentrum

John ReesDendrobium Mousmee

Callyn Farrell: The Influence of Dendrobium speciosum in Hybridisation

Stephen Lynch: Tips and Tricks

Gaye & Graeme Chequer: The Legend of Petola

Trevor Heitman: The Bucket Treatment for Sick Orchids

Stehen Sang: The Story of the Three Rivers Show

Marion Davey: Litchfield Orchid Club - Orchid Spectacular

Graham Zerbe: SAROC Fair 2019

P. John McAuley: 'Orchids Out West' 2019

Orchid Awards: 6007 - 6041

News from the Clubs, Cultural Notes,  RHS new orchid hybrids  ......   and much more . . .


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