Contents August (Vol. 31 - No. 4)

Cover: Paph. Memoria Barbara Francis 'Arcadia' AM/AOC 2018 (NSW) #5990

Owner C. Miles, Photo by I. Chalmers


John Rees: Hudlow Medal

Jim Cootes: The Wonderful World of Bulbophyllum aeolium

John ReesVanda falcata

Callyn Farrell: Growing Dendrobium section Rhizobium 

Stephen Lynch: Tips and Tricks

Gaye & Graeme Chequer: The Moccasin Orchid

Darryl Corbett: Growing Cyrtochilums A winter highlight for shade house or garden

Sandra Rowecliffe: AOF Essay Competition 2018 - "My Greatest Orchid Disaster"

Stephen Lynch: Training the wild Cattlianthe

Orchid Awards: 5970 - 6006

News from the Clubs, Cultural Notes,  RHS new orchid hybrids  ......   and much more . . .


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