Contents August 2018  (Vol. 30 - No. 4)

Cover: Pterostylis acuminata

Photo: Alan Stephenson FAOC

This month's features:

John Rees: Oncidium ornithorhynchum/Oncidim Sotoanumm

Jim Cootes and George Tiong: Bulbophyllum pardalotum, A Variable Species

Dr Marion Davey: Ken and Di Selwood's Darwin Orchid Garden

Jim Shaughnessy: The Influence of Sarcochilus hirticalcar in Breeding

Helene Wild: Book Review: The Wasp and the Orchid - the remarkkable life of Australian naturalist Edith Coleman

Edda Viskic: Yunnan Orchid Highlights

Gaye & Graeme Chequer: Orchids, Painters and Their Works

Alan Stephenson FAOC: Expect to be Surprised

Jeff Glover: Vale 'Ellie' Eleanor June Dean OAM, 1936-2018

Orchid Awards: 5773 - 5805

News from the Clubs, Cultural Notes,  RHS new orchid hybrids  ......   and much more . . .


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