Contents April 2018  (Vol. 30 - No. 2)

Cover: Cattleya coccinea 'Jelhai' HCC/AOC - 2017 (NSW)  #5731

Owner: J. Cutajar

This month's features:

Helen Mason: Details of the 21st AOC Conference & Show 'Orchids in the Foothills'

Jim Cootes and George Tiong: A Delightful Duo Bulbophyllum annandalei & Bulbophyllum bicolor

John Rees: Inkaterra Gardens, Peru

Julian Shaw:  Changes to Orchid Hybrid Registrations

Jim Shaughnessy: Sarcochilus My Way

Jeff Glover:Musings on The Cooktown Orchid, Dendrobium bigibbum

John Rees: Are We There Yet? Cattleya guttata

Marie Bartlett: Mingara Orchid Society

John Rees: State Orchids of the Year 2017

John Rees: Phragipediums and Anthocyanins

Spikey Riddoch: Orchid Ailments and Their Management

Orchid Awards: 5703 - 5742

News from the Clubs, Cultural Notes,  RHS new orchid hybrids  ......   and much more . . .


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