Contents February 2019  (Vol. 31 - No. 1)

Cover:Maxillaria variabillis 'Gold'' AM-ACM/AOC 2017 (NSW) #5754

Owner J. Fetherston, to by I. Charlmers


Editor: AOF Award of Honour for Brian Milligan

Murray Aldridge SC: The Wonderful and Intriguing World of Pleurothallis

Editor: AOF Award of Honour for Julian Coker

John Rees: The Cattleya Conundrum

Ian Chalmers: Three Rivers Orchid Show 2018

Karen Quinn: AOF Essay Competiyion 2018  "My Greatest Orchid Disaster"

Stephen Lynch: Riverland Growing - The trials and trbulations of growing Orchids in the Riverland.

John Rees: Colour and Light Dependency

Trevor Heitman: Orchid Deflasking into Compots Made Easy

Orchid Awards: 5872 - 5903

News from the Clubs, Cultural Notes,  RHS new orchid hybrids  ......   and much more . . .


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