E. Verano 'Claire Mae'
ACC/AOC 2019 (WA) 75.50  26.Apr.2019  owner: Smoker S. event: OSWA neeting

22 inflorescences of 570mm with 169 flowers and 14 buds (14+2 relevant); petals and sepals Greyed orange 77B with red/purple stripes of 59A; labellum purple/violet 81A
Dendrobium chrysotoxum 'Majestic'
AM/AOC 2018 (WA) 80.10  13.Nov.2018  owner: Larson B. event: SOSWA meeting

21 inflorescences of 220mm with357 flowers (18 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow/orange 15B; labellum Yellow/orange 15B with Orange 25A in throat
Onc. Guann Shin Coffee 'Suzie Q'
HCC/AOC 2018 (WA) 80.10  19.Jul.2018  owner: Smoker S. event: Wanneroo/Joondaluo meeting

2 inflorescences of 1300mm with 52flowers +10 buds (48 +4 relevant);petals and sepals greyed/purple 183A with yellow 4C tip; labellum central patch yellow 4C in greyed/orange 166D
Paphiopedilum insigne 'Carly Mae'
AM/AOC 2018 (WA) 81.50  21.Jun.2018  owner: Smoker S. event: Wanneroo/Jondalup meeting

7 inflorescences of 470mm with 7 flowers (1 relevant); petals yellow/green150B with striations of Greyed/orange 165B; dorsal sepal yellow/green 151A spotted greyed/orange 165A; ventral seapls yellow/green 150A; labellum yellow green 151C with striations o
Phalaenopsis gigantea 'Dinah'
AM/AOC 2018 (WA) 82.10  15.May.2018  owner: Bayliss K. event: SEOS monthly meeting

2 inflorescences of 380mm with 40 flowers and 1 bud (21 +1 relevant); petals and sepals Green/white 157A with spots and bars of Red/purple 59A; labellum Purple 78A
Encyclia alata 'Salen'
HCC/AOC 2018 (WA) 79.50  16.Jan.2018  owner: Duncan I. event: S.E Orchid society meet

6 inflorecence of 1160mm with 210 flowers (55 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow/green 167B distal ends greyed/orande 166A; labellum base white with sidelobes Yellow 4D with Red/purple 63B stripes.
Bulb. Krairit Vejvarut 'Gerda'
FCC/AOC 2017 (WA) 85.00  06.Nov.2017  owner: Hartmann C. event: WA Regional panel meeting

1 inflorescencse of 170mm with 13 flowers; dorsal sepal's border and distal end Red/purple 59A; central area Yellow/orange 19D striped with Red/purple 59A; ventral sepal background yellow 19D striped and stippled with Red/purple 61A; labellum Red/purple 59A with central stripe Yellow/Orange 19D
Epi. Wedding Valley 'Bridal Bouquet'
AM/AOC 2017 (WA) 81.00  14.Nov.2017  owner: Patterson J. event: Wanneroo/Joondalup OS meeting

2 inflorescences of 400mm with 80 flowers and 20 buds (40+10 rlevant); petals and sepals Red/purple 74C lightly veined with Red/purple 74B; labellum Red/purple 74D with white at centre
Prra. Bangkok Sunset 'Jenny'
HCC/AOC 2017 (WA) 77.30  21.Mar.2017  owner: Watkinson A.J. event: SEOS meeting

1 inflorescence of 250mm with 33 flowers + 4 buds; petals and sepals Orange/red 33B fading to Orange/yellow 21C; labellum purple/violet 80C
Pyp. Kalihi 'Majestic'
HCC/AOC 2017 (WA) 79.00  17.Feb.2017  owner: Larson B. event: Wanneroo Joondalup meeting

5 inflorescences of 840mm with 4 flowers +5 buds (1 relevant); petals Greyed/orange 166B barred and edged yellow 11A; sepals greyed/purple 187A fading to orange 166Bnear centre of flower; labellum centre yellow11A, boardered by greyed/orange 166B
5526Paph. Ho Chi Minh 'H.T.' AM/AOC 2016 (WA) 80.90  21.Dec.2016  owner: Tan H. event: SEOSWA meeting

1 inflorescence of 280mm with one flower; petals and sepals White flushed red/purple 75D; labellum red/pirple 72B
Paphiopedilum wardii 'Ben Wen Green'
AM/AOC 2016 (WA) 80.60  06.Aug.2016  owner: Vrieling B. event: Inter society challenge

1 inflorescence of 198mm with 1 flower; petals background Grey/brown 199D heavily spotted greyed/purple 187A; sepals green/white 167D striped green 141b; labellum yellow/gren 144B spotted greyed/purple 187A
Cym. Daniel Thomas 'Taurus'
AM/AOC 2016 (WA) 82.60  24.Jul.2016  owner: Thomas S. event: South Eastern OS show

2 inflorescences of 900mm with 24 flowers (13 relevant); petals and sepals yellow/green 153A; labellum inside yellow 11D spotted and edged with red 53A
Catasetum tenebrosum 'Mac'
AM/AOC 2016 (WA) 81.20  01.Feb.2016  owner: Masters P. event: WA regional panel meet

1 inflorescence of 340mm with 16 flowers; petals and sepals Brown 200A; labellum Yellow/green 145B with distal end Yellow 10C
Phrag. Mem. Maria Teresa Fighetti 'Woodvale'
AM/AOC 2015 (WA) 81.00  02.Nov.2015  owner: Budrovich T. & S. event: WARJP meet

1 inflorescence of 425mm with 1 flower and 2 buds; petals and sepals Red/Purple 61B; labellum Red/Purple 59D and inside Red/Purple 62D with 59D spotting.
Dendrochilum tenellum 'Ashleigh'
ACM/AOC 2015 (WA) 82.10  19.Jul.2015  owner: Godbeer M. event: OSWA Winter show

Approximately 560 inflorescences of 440mm with approximately 20160 flowers; all segments Yellow group 4B
Rlc. Memoria Warren Jones 'Chantelle'
HCC/AOC 2015 (WA) 78.70  22.Jun.2015  owner: Larson B. event: NDOS meeting

1 inflorescence of 155mm with 2 flowers; petals and sepals are Purple/violet group 81B; labellum, Purple group 78A and inside Orange group 24Bwith purple 78A stripes
Pyp. Kalihi 'Mavis'
HCC/AOC 2015 (WA) 77.30  03.Jun.2015  owner: Watkinson A. event: Waneroo/Joondalup OS show

1 inflorescence of 380mm with 2 flowers and 2 buds; petals and labellum Yellow group6A bordered by Greyed Orange group 166B; sepals Greyed orange 166A edged yellow group 6C
Paph. Dollgoldi 'Ky So'
HCC/AOC 2014 (WA) 77.00  01.Jan.2014  owner: Tan H. event:

1 inflorescence of 400mm with 2 flowers; all segments Yellow/Red group 6C veined and striped Red/purple 61A
Den. Yellow Venture 'Gold Star'
HCC/AOC 2014 (WA) 80.50  01.Oct.2014  owner: Innes K. event:

50 inflorescences of 280mm with over 2000 flowers (35 relevant); segments Yellow/orange 15A; Labellum white with Red/ purple markings 65B
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