Cym. Justis Pearl 'Bee Jay'
FCC/AOC 2018 (NSW) 87.50  02.Aug.2018  owner: Janes B. event: National Orchid Extravaganza

2 infloresecences of 910mm with 24 flowers (13 relevant); petals and sepals white NN155D; labellum White NN155D with markings of Greyed Purple 186 A,B and D. Column Greyed Purple 186B
Masd. Stripe King 'Beenak'
FCC/AOC 2018 (NSW) 85.00  16.Aug.2018  owner: Mt Beenak Orchids event: St Ives Orchid Fair

3 inflorescences with 3 flowers (1 relevant); sepals yellow orange with fine spots and stripes of red purple 59A. Caudae red purple 59A
Masd. Bay of Fires 'Highclere'
FCC/AOC 2018 (VIC) 86.00  25.Sep.2018  owner: Garrett G. event: VOC Meeting

1 inflorescence of 300mm with 1 flower Orange Red group 33B Overlaid in flower centre and caudae Red group 45A
Den. Australian Ginger 'Golly'
FCC/AOC 2018 (VIC) 86.00  11.Sep.2018  owner: Australian Orchid Nursery event: Special Visit

145 inflorescences of 50mm with 290 flowers (2 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow Green Group 153C with stripes and spots of Greyed Purple 183C; labellum White Group 155C framed and Spotted Red Purple group 74C
Phrag. Cardinale 'Evergreen'
FCC/AOC 2018 (VIC) 87.00  20.Aug.2018  owner: Crawford J. W. event: VOC winter show

5 inflorescences of 450mm with 11 flowers and 7 buds (1 relevant); petals and dorsal sepal White NN 155D; ventral Green 142C; labellum Red Purple Group 60C fading to Grey Purple Group 186C
Paphiopedilum liemianum 'TOM #5'
FCC/AOC 2017 (NSW) 85.00  13.Dec.2017  owner: Tay S. event: SPECIES Dec Meeting

1 inflorescence of 464mm with 2 flowers; petals Base colour green yellow 157A with spots and markings of purple 79B; dorsal sepal Base colour white NN155C N187A (outer edge) with green centre 143B overlaid with greyed purple spots and stripes; ventrasl sepals Green group 146D with fine lines of green 146A; labellum White NN155C heavily speckled with purple 79D
Den. Samford Rose 'Katherine'
FCC/AOC 2017 (NSW) 86.20  30.Aug.2017  owner: Blewitt A. event: Special Judging

35 inflorescences of 148mm with 276 flowers (11 relevant); petals and sepals Red purple 72B; labellum Red Purple 72C fading to White group N155C
Dendrobium speciosum var.curvicaule 'Clair de Lune'
FCC/AOC 2017 (NSW) 88.00  30.Aug.2017  owner: Blewitt A. event: Special Judging

18 inflorescences of 660mm with 1500 flowers (95 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow group 5C fading to White group 155B at centre; labellum Yellow orange 15A in throat, remainder yellow group 5C with greyed purple 183A spotting
Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Ella'
FCC/AOC 2017 (QLD) 85.50  08.Sep.2017  owner: Goostrey B. event: West Brisbane OS & TAPS show

1 inflorescence of 730mm with 4 flowers; petals and sepals Greyed/yellow 161C with spots and stripes of Brown 200A; labellum Greyed/yellow 161C brushed with Brown 200d and veined brown 200A
Bulb. Krairit Vejvarut 'Gerda'
FCC/AOC 2017 (WA) 85.00  06.Nov.2017  owner: Hartmann C. event: WA Regional panel meeting

1 inflorescencse of 170mm with 13 flowers; dorsal sepal's border and distal end Red/purple 59A; central area Yellow/orange 19D striped with Red/purple 59A; ventral sepal background yellow 19D striped and stippled with Red/purple 61A; labellum Red/purple 59A with central stripe Yellow/Orange 19D
Sarco. Gunnadoo 'Pamela'
FCC/AOC 2017 (VIC) 87.00  10.Nov.2017  owner: Garrett G. event: Maribyrnong Sarc festival

4 inflorescences of 180mm with 47 flowers + 10 buds (13 + 2 relevant); petals and sepals White Group 155C marked in centre with Red Purple Group N74C; labellum White Group 155A, marked with Yellow Orange group 17C
Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Memoria Bob Goostrey'
FCC/AOC 2017 (QLD) 85.00  05.Sep.2017  owner: Goostrey B. event: TAPS Sept meeting

1 inflorescence of 640mm with 4 flowers; all segments background Greyed/yellow 161C with spots and stripes of Brown 200A
Paphiopedilum venustum 'Tom #2'
FCC/AOC 2017 (NSW) 86.00  31.Jul.2017  owner: Tay S. event: OSNSW July Meeting

1 inflorescence of 280mm with one flower; petals Base colour yellow green group 146B with spots in Brown group 200A. Distal ends greyed orange 174C; sepals Base colour White Group 155B with stripes in green group N134A; lsbellum Base colour greyed orange
Masd. Super Nova 'Pepper Sun'
FCC/AOC 2017 (VIC) 86.00  19.Jun.2017  owner: Hauser S. event: VRJP training night

2 inflorescences with 2 flowers; background colour Greyed/orange 168D with markings of greyed/purple 187A
Sarcochilus dilatatus 'Lily'
FCC/AOC 2017 (NSW) 87.80  22.Mar.2017  owner: Dobson L. & B. event: Ku-Ring-Gai OS meeting

9 inflorescences of 38mm with 28 flowers + 18 buds (8 + 3 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour yellow green 144D with ends of segment geyed orange 176B and spots of Greyed Orange 176B on basal section of segment; labellum Base colour white NN155D with
Cattleya pumila 'Alburus'
FCC/AOC 2017 (NSW) 85.00  01.Mar.2017  owner: Cutajar J. event: North Shore OS meeting

1 inflorescence of 66mm with 1 flower; petals and sepals White NN155B ; labellum White NN155B with yellow orange 14A in throat
Den. Greta Snow 'Cheryl'
FCC/AOC 2016 (NSW) 88.25  03.Sep.2016  owner: van den Berg H. event: ANOS National Conference

13 inflorescences of 145mm with 313 flowers + 31 buds (32+1 relevant); all segments White Group NN155A
Masd. Curacao 'Hamish'
FCC/AOC 2016 (TAS) 89.00  21.Jul.2016  owner: Whitney J. event: Launceston Winter show

2 inflorescences of 300mm with1 flower and 1 bud; segments yellow/orange, 23B stripes of red group 47A
Den. Avril's Gold 'Calderpark'
FCC/AOC 2016 (NSW) 85.50  29.Aug.2016  owner: Lewry R. event: NSWOS August Meeting

5 inflorescences of 270mm with 125 flowers (25 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour yellow orange group 17B fading to yellow orange 18B but sepals have spotting of grey purple 187B; labellum Base colour yellow orange 18A. Side lobes dark speckled grey purple group N186C
Masd. King of Kings 'Red Dragon'
FCC/AOC 2016 (VIC) 86.00  23.Aug.2016  owner: Garrett G. event: VOC August meeting

2 inflorescences of 440mm with 2 flowers (1 relevant); flower Greyed orange group 168C  striped with Greyed Red Group 181B
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