Paphiopedilum venustum 'Tom #2'
FCC/AOC 2017 (NSW) 86.00  31.Jul.2017  owner: Tay S. event: OSNSW July Meeting

1 inflorescence of 280mm with one flower; petals Base colour yellow green group 146B with spots in Brown group 200A. Distal ends greyed orange 174C; sepals Base colour White Group 155B with stripes in green group N134A; lsbellum Base colour greyed orange
Masd. Super Nova 'Pepper Sun'
FCC/AOC 2017 (VIC) 86.00  19.Jun.2017  owner: Hauser S. event: VRJP training night

2 inflorescences with 2 flowers; background colour Greyed/orange 168D with markings of greyed/purple 187A
Sarcochilus dilatatus 'Lily'
FCC/AOC 2017 (NSW) 87.80  22.Mar.2017  owner: Dobson L. & B. event: Ku-Ring-Gai OS meeting

9 inflorescences of 38mm with 28 flowers + 18 buds (8 + 3 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour yellow green 144D with ends of segment geyed orange 176B and spots of Greyed Orange 176B on basal section of segment; labellum Base colour white NN155D with
Cattleya pumila 'Alburus'
FCC/AOC 2017 (NSW) 85.00  01.Mar.2017  owner: Cutajar J. event: North Shore OS meeting

1 inflorescence of 66mm with 1 flower; petals and sepals White NN155B ; labellum White NN155B with yellow orange 14A in throat
Den. Greta Snow 'Cheryl'
FCC/AOC 2016 (NSW) 88.25  03.Sep.2016  owner: van den Berg H. event: ANOS National Conference

13 inflorescences of 145mm with 313 flowers + 31 buds (32+1 relevant); all segments White Group NN155A
Masd. Curacao 'Hamish'
FCC/AOC 2016 (TAS) 89.00  21.Jul.2016  owner: Whitney J. event: Launceston Winter show

2 inflorescences of 300mm with1 flower and 1 bud; segments yellow/orange, 23B stripes of red group 47A
Den. Avril's Gold 'Calderpark'
FCC/AOC 2016 (NSW) 85.50  29.Aug.2016  owner: Lewry R. event: NSWOS August Meeting

5 inflorescences of 270mm with 125 flowers (25 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour yellow orange group 17B fading to yellow orange 18B but sepals have spotting of grey purple 187B; labellum Base colour yellow orange 18A. Side lobes dark speckled grey purple group N186C
Masd. King of Kings 'Red Dragon'
FCC/AOC 2016 (VIC) 86.00  23.Aug.2016  owner: Garrett G. event: VOC August meeting

2 inflorescences of 440mm with 2 flowers (1 relevant); flower Greyed orange group 168C  striped with Greyed Red Group 181B
Rlc. Burdekin Dream 'Bethel'
FCC/AOC 2016 (QLD) 86.60  23.Jun.2016  owner: Hughes J. event: CQ Award Judging

1 inflorescence of 115mm with 1 flower; petals and sepals purple 77C; labellum purple 77C, red/purple 72B at front and yellow10B
Den. Oliver Jack 'Gerard'
FCC/AOC 2015 (NSW) 85.70  01.Oct.2015  owner: Van Den Berg H. event: Southern Orchid Spectacular

628 inflorescences of 30mm with 1256 flowers + 2 buds (2 flowers relevant); petals and sepals Base colour Yellow White 158A with fine stripes of Grey Purple 187A; labellum White group NN155B with markings of Grey Violet N81C stripes and spots
Angraecum sesquipedale 'Ta Netta'
FCC/AOC 2015 (NSW) 85.50  28.Sep.2015  owner: Gafa J. event: OSNSW September meeting

4 inflorescences of 380mm with 12 flowers (3 relevant); all segments White group 155C
Cym. Black Stump 'Come In Spinner'
FCC/AOC 2015 (NSW) 88.70  17.Oct.2015  owner: Tinonee Orchids event: Judges' meeting

15 inflorescenc es of 815mm with 76 flowersw + 109 buds (64 + 4 relevant); petals and sepals Grey Purple 187A outlined in Yellow group 11D; labellum Grey Purple Group 187A
Den. Tosca 'Jean'
FCC/AOC 2015 (NSW) 85.00  03.Oct.2015  owner: Milton T. event: S&W Regional show &conference

16 inflorescences of 147mm with 79 flowers +3 buds (8 flowers relevant); petals and sepals Base colour white 155A grading to Red Purple 71A at tips; labellum Base colour 155A with mottled Purple 77B
Mystacidium capense  'Nasarka'
FCC/AOC 2015 (VIC) 85.60  13.Nov.2015  owner: Haywood M. & B. event: MOS spring show

6 inflorecences of 220mm with 39 flowers (9 relevant); petals and sepals White group NN155C with Yellow/Green 145B behind column; labellum White group NN155C
Miltonia moreliana 'Big Ben'
FCC/AOC 2015 (NSW) 86.50  09.Mar.2015  owner: Robinson J. event: Sutherland OS March15 Meet

12 inflorescences with 8 flowers and 4 buds (1 flower relevant); petals Purple 79A. Centre of petals Purple -Violet N80D; sepals Purple 79A; labellum Violet 83A striping,  shading of Purple -Violet N81A
Den. Fraser's Canary Twister 'Ivy'
FCC/AOC 2014 (NSW) 85.50  18.Dec.2014  owner: You B. event:

10 inflorescenc es of 720mm with 240 flowers + 24 buds (33 relevant); all segments Yellow-Green 151A
Sarco. Kulnura Scoop 'Barrita'
FCC/AOC 2014 (NSW) 85.00  27.Oct.2014  owner: Barrita Orchids event:

9 inflorescencesof 300mm with 50 flowers + 35 buds (9 + 4 relevant); petals and sepals White NN155D with red-purple 72A in centre and 72C at distal end; labellum White NN155D overlaid with Orange 26A and Yellow markings 13A
Dendrobium striolatum 'Ruffles'
FCC/AOC 2014 (NSW) 85.50  02.Oct.2014  owner: Roper N. event:

1503 inflorescences of 41 mm with 1543 flowers and 53buds (1 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow-White 160B with fine stripes of Grey Purple 187B; labellum White NN155D
Brs. Rex 'Sakata'
FCC/AOC 2014 (NSW) 87.80  29.Sep.2014  owner: Gaffa J. event:

4 inflorescences of 672mm with 63 flowers + 2 buds (18+1 relevant);petals and sepals Yellow-Green 153A with Brown N200A markings; labellum Yellow-Green 149DE with spots of Brown N200A
Dendrobium spectabile 'Dave'
FCC/AOC 2014 (NSW) 87.40  13.Sep.2014  owner: Lee S. event:

10 inflorescences of 360mm with 176 flowers (16 relevant); petals and sepals Green-Yellow 1C with fine markings of Grey Purple 187B; labellum Green-Yellow 1B at end of central lobe fading to white NN155C at side lobes.
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