Rth. Rosella's Free Angel 'Kate'
AD/AOC 2017 (QLD) 77.60  11.Aug.2017  owner: Dix R. event: Agnes Water show

1 inflorescence of 61mm with 2 flowers; petals a mix of purple NN78B and MM78D with backgound yellow 17D; sepals white N155c; labellum throat yellow 17C, forward section purple 78B
Den. Rainbow Glow 'Koori'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 81.00  03.Sep.2016  owner: van den Berg H. event: ANOS National Conference

1 inflorescence of 156mm with 14 flowers; petals and sepals Base colour Red Purple 59A with yellow white 158C at centre; labellum Yellow white 59A with red purple 59A markings
Plchs. Jester 'Elisa'
AD/AOC 2016 (VIC) 81.00  11.Nov.2016  owner: Haniver J. event: MOS Sarcanthanae Festival

9 inflorescences of 220mm with 102 flowers + 13buds (14=2 relevant); all segments Base colour Yellow group 10C overlaid Red Group 53A
Sarco. Kulnura Secure 'Pepper N Pink'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 78.10  17.Oct.2016  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Ku-ring-gai OS Oct meeting

4 inflorescences of 202mm with 27 flowers + 20 buds (10+5 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour white NN155D with barring of red purple 70B becoming solid colour on tips; labellum White NN155D with fine markings of yellow orange 14C and orange red 31 towards distal end
Sarco. Kulnura Honeydew 'Black'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 77.00  17.Oct.2016  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Ku-ring-gai OS Oct meeting

9 inflorescences of 169mm with 60 flowers + 41 buds (10 + 5 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour white NN155D with solid markings of grey purple 187C near column with light markings of grey purple 186B near tips; labellum Orange red 34Bwith bars of yellow 8B at distal end
Sarco. Highfields 'Small Blaze'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 78.90  17.Oct.2016  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Ku-ring-gai OS Oct meeting

14 inflorescences of 82mm with 87 flowewrs + 82 buds (9 + 5 relevant); petals and sepsls Red purple 59A; labellum Yellow orange 15B changing to orange red 33B with white NN144D at distal ends
Sarco. Kulnura Fireball 'Intense'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 76.30  17.Oct.2016  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Ku-ring-gai OS Oct meeting

6 inflorescences of 158mm with 41 flowers + 33 buds (10 flowers + 7 buds relevant); petals and sepals Red Purple 59 A; labellum Yellow orange 21C changing to bar of orange red 30B at distal end
Dendrobium parishii 'Trina'
AD/AOC 2016 (QLD) 77.80  24.Nov.2016  owner: Wanka D. & K. event: EDOS Nov meet

2 pseudobulbs of 460mm with 64 flowers (32 relevant); petals and sepals Purple/violet 81A; labellum outer purple 75B and inner side lobes purple 79A
Den. Tweetas 'Mustard'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 82.00  23.Sep.2016  owner: Scott K. event: Wagga Wagga OS Spring Show

150 inflorescences of 52mm with 780 flowers and 1 bud (5 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour yellow orange 15B with fine spots and markings of grey purple 185A; labellum Yellow group 2B with markings of grey purple 185A
Rhynchostylis gigantea 'Baby Angels'
AD/AOC 2016 (QLD) 78.80  16.Aug.2016  owner: Webster K & P event: Redlands OS show

1 inflorescence of 276mm with 20 flowers plus 3 buds; petals and sepals Orange/Red 32C (newer) 29B (older), inner areas 29D; labellum Orange/red 32C with some yellow/green 145D
C. Lakehaven Flash 'Magic'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 81.00  20.Apr.2016  owner: Wood B. event: Special judging

1 inflorescence of 70mm with 2 flowers; petals and sepals White background with Purple Group flaring 76A; labellum Centre Yellow Group 4B; Purple Group flaring on lip N78
Laelia anceps 'Royale Splash'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 79.00  23.Apr.2016  owner: Royale Orchids event: Special Judging

1 inflorescence of 570mm with 3 flowers; petals Base colour Violet Group 84B, feathered in Purple Violet Group 81B; sepals Violet Group 84B; labellum Violet Group 81A, keel Yellow Orange Group 51B, veined in Violet Group 81A
Laelia anceps 'Jody'
AD/AOC 2015 (NSW) 78.00  03.Jun.2015  owner: Cutajar J. event: North Shore OS ? June meeting

1 inflorescence of 1100mm with 3 flowers; all segments White Group NN155D
Den. Triple Fantasy 'Lesley'
AD/AOC 2016 (QLD) 78.10  20.May.2016  owner: Shield D. event: Boyne/Tannum OS show

1 inflorescence of 750mm with 22 flowers + 8 buds; petals Red/purple 78B edged with Yellow/green 145C; dorsal sepal Yellow/green 145C with fine stripes of Red/Purple 70B; ventral sepals Yellow/green 145C; labellum red/purple 70B edged with grey/orange 165
Den. Banyad Pink 'Coya'
AD/AOC 2016 (QLD) 79.00  06.May.2016  owner: Salway J. event: Award judging

1 inflorescence of 380mm with 7 flowers + 3 buds; all segments white NN155D with overlaid Purple N78B
Sarco. Serenade 'Fenella'
AD/AOC 2015 (TAS) 77.00  14.Nov.2015  owner: Pinner J. event: Tasmanian OS show

9 inflorescences of 250mm with 91 flowers (10 relevant); all segments white 155D with overlay of Red/purple 73B
Rth. Rosella's Lovely Sunset 'Ivy'
AD/AOC 2015 (NSW) 76.50  17.Sep.2015  owner: Eggins A. event: Grafton OS spring show

1 inflorescence of 80mm with 3 flowers; petals and sepals White group 155A with Yellow Group 5B splash on tips ; labellum Inner throat of labellum Red Group 46B with yellow Group 5B toward centre and front of labellum
Sarco. Rich Kid 'Ruby'
AD/AOC 2015 (SA) 77.80  04.Nov.2015  owner: Hume M. & E. event: Award judging

2 inflorescences of 130mm with10 flowers + 2 buds (8 flowers + 2 buds relevant); petals and sepals greyed/purple 185A; labellum yellow 13A
Den. Egret Gold 'Willa'
AD/AOC 2015 (QLD) 77.80  07.Nov.2015  owner: Barnes B. & D. event: Bundaberg OS show

1 inflorescence of 520mm with 30 flowers; petals Orange group 25A;sepals Yellow group 10A, distal yellow/white 158B; labellum Red/purple 71A in centre and lateral striping of Orange 25A
Oncsa. Kulnura Delight 'Ginga Ninja'
AD/AOC 2015 (NSW) 79.00  14.May.2015  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Orchids Out West

1 inflorescence of 580mm with 12 flowers; petals and sepals 174 A Greyed orange. Dark with yellow Group 12A at distal ends; labellum 12A yellow with 172 A greyed orange spots and at centre
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