Rlc. Segundina Vizcarra 'Laina'
AD/AOC 2019 (QLD) 0.00  08.Feb.2020  owner: Hopkins R. & J. event: STOCQ AGM Gympie

1 inflorescence of 85mm with 3 flowers; petals and sepals white NN155D with a red purple flare 72A; labellum central yellow 17C outer red purple 59A
Sarco. Kulnura Taser 'Bethany'
AD/AOC 2019 (NSW) 0.00  20.Oct.2019  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Barrita Nursery Open Day

2 inflorescences of 147mm with 20 flowers and 12 buds (9 + 7 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow 13A; labellum White NN155D with yellow 13A at tip
Sarco. Kulnura Khaleesi 'Viserion'
AD/AOC 2019 (NSW) 0.00  19.Oct.2019  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Revesby Sarco Show

3 inflorescences of 114mm with 17 flowers and 16 buds (7 + 6 relevant); petals and sepals white NN155D heavily overlaid with grey orange 163A over central half. Distal ends white NN155D; labellum Yellow 13B
Gomestele Jerry Lawless 'Golden Gate'
AD/AOC 2019 (VIC) 0.00  01.Nov.2019  owner: Miles C. event: Stawell OS summer show

1 inflorescence of 525mm with 7 flowers and 1 bud; purple 79A; labellum purple 79A lightening to 79B with centre srtipe of yellow 12A
Paph. Pilot 'Oliver'
AD/AOC 2019 (NSW) 0.00  10.Oct.2019  owner: Ho S.T. event: Southern Orchid Spectacular

1 inflorescence of 85mm with1 flower; petals Red purple 72B with spots and striations of red purple N78A; sepals yellow green 146B with shading and markings of red purple 72B; labellum Base colour yellow green 146B with shading and markings of red purple
Den. Sherry Abe 'Pink Champagne'
AD/AOC 2019 (QLD) 0.00  05.Sep.2019  owner: Robertson J. event: Nambour OS spring show

5 inflorescences of 350mm with 22 flowers and 11 buds (6+2 relevant); all segments purple 77A over white 155C
6087Rlc. Village Chief North 'Green Genius' AD/AOC 2019 (VIC) 0.00  19.Jul.2019  owner: Haniver J. event: Werribee Winter Show

1 inflorescence of 140mm with 6 flowers; petals Purple violet N81C overlying White Group 155B; sepals Yellow Green Group 149C; labellum Purple violet N80A
Ctt. Burgundy Delight 'Rob's Pride'
AD/AOC 2019 (VIC) 0.00  12.Apr.2019  owner: Peckham R. event: Dandenong Monthly Meeting

1 inflorescence of 205 mm with 8 flowers; all segments including most of the labellum Red Purple Group 71A ; back of labellum White group 155D
Cym. Mesmerise 'Looby Loo'
AD/AOC 2018 (SA) 0.00  28.Jul.2018  owner: Moon J. event: GDOC Winter Show

3 inflorescences of 1060mm with 44 flowers (16 relevant) petals and sepals Greyed Yellow 162C, Overlaid with Greyed Red 178D; labellum Greyed Yellow 162C, Keels Yellow Group 12C, Overlaid with Greyed Purple Group 187A
Cattleya purpurata 'Carmen'
AD/AOC 2018 (NSW) 0.00  10.Dec.2018  owner: Cutajar J. event: Purpurata show at Royale Orchids

1 inflorescence of 289mm with 5 flowers; all segments Base colour white group N155A with slightly darker striations of a greyed coerulea shade
Gom. Ronaele 'Roxy'
AD/AOC 2018 (NSW) 0.00  26.Nov.2018  owner: Cutajar J. event: OSNSW November meeting

1 inflorescence of 540 mm with 48 flowers; petals and sepals Yellow group 11A; labellum Yellow group 6B; labellum Base colour white NN155A with markings of greyed orange 166C
Dendrobium tetragonum subsp. tetragonum 'Kay's Glory'
AD/AOC 2018 (NSW) 0.00  08.Sep.2018  owner: Baker P. event: Coffs Harbour OS Spring Show

21 inflorescences of 40mm with 45 flowers and 22 buds (5 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow Green Group N144C fading to yellow green 154D at Centre; labellum Yellow Green Group N144C fading to yellow green 154D at Centre
Guarianthe aurantiaca 'HG'
AD/AOC 2018 (VIC) 0.00  02.Nov.2018  owner: Lee R. event: Stawell summer show

2 inflorescences of 150mm with 22 flowers (10 relevant); all segments orange/red 33A with spots of red 45A
5912Den. Sheenamere 'Kata Tjuta' AD/AOC 2018 (NSW) 0.00  01.Sep.2018  owner: Fletcher B. event: Kempsey Speciosum Spectacular

1 inflorescence of 59mm with 4 flowers; petals Yellow orange group 22A; sepals Base colour yellow orange group 14D overlaid greyed orange group 170A; labellum Yellow orange group 22A with spotting of Yellow orange group 53A
Den. Coreei 'Green Goddess'
AD/AOC 2018 (NSW) 0.00  01.Sep.2018  owner: Perrin W. event: Kempsey Speciosum Spectacular

1 inflorescence of 123mm with 6 flowers;petals and sepals Green yellow group 1B; labellum White group 155B with spots of purple group N77B
Sarco. Mystic 'Gambier'
AD/AOC 2017 (SA) 77.80  14.Oct.2017  owner: Shaughnessy J. event: Riverland 40th Celebration

1 inflorescence of 325mm with 10 flowers and 4 buds; petals Red/purple 59B and 73A; dorsal sepal Red/purple 59B and 77A; Ventral sepals Red/purple 59B and 73A; labellum Yellow/orange 31A
Dimorphorchis lowii  'Joana'
AD/AOC 2018 (NSW) 78.00  29.Jan.2018  owner: Scott-Harden C. & G. event: OSNSW January Meeting

2 inflorescences of 700mm with 16 flowers (9 relevant) petals and sepals Female flowers base colour yellow orange 15C with spots of orange N25C. Male flowers base colour Yellow orange 18B heavily overlaid with yellow orange 22A; labellum Female flowers ye
Rlc. Jade Eclectus 'Alvin'
AD/AOC 2018 (QLD) 79.30  11.Mar.2018  owner: Hopkins R. & J. event: Nambour OS species meet

1 inflorescence of 455mm with 8 flowers; petals and sepals Yellow/green 145A; labellum purple grading from 77A to 78A
Cym. Winter Sunset 'Aart'
AD/AOC 2017 (SA) 76.70  31.Aug.2017  owner: Ng C. event: R&AHS show

6 inflorescences of 1220mm with 94 flowers (19 relevant); petals and sepals Red/purple 71B overlaid with white 155C; labellum Red/purple 59A with yellow 3B
Rth. Rosella's Free Angel 'Kate'
AD/AOC 2017 (QLD) 77.60  11.Aug.2017  owner: Dix R. event: Agnes Water show

1 inflorescence of 61mm with 2 flowers; petals a mix of purple NN78B and MM78D with backgound yellow 17D; sepals white N155c; labellum throat yellow 17C, forward section purple 78B
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