Sarco. Mystic 'Gambier'
AD/AOC 2017 (SA) 77.80  14.Oct.2017  owner: Shaughnessy J. event: Riverland 40th Celebration

1 inflorescence of 325mm with 10 flowers and 4 buds; petals Red/purple 59B and 73A; dorsal sepal Red/purple 59B and 77A; Ventral sepals Red/purple 59B and 73A; labellum Yellow/orange 31A
Dimorphorchis lowii  'Joana'
AD/AOC 2018 (NSW) 78.00  29.Jan.2018  owner: Scott-Harden C. & G. event: OSNSW January Meeting

2 inflorescences of 700mm with 16 flowers (9 relevant) petals and sepals Female flowers base colour yellow orange 15C with spots of orange N25C. Male flowers base colour Yellow orange 18B heavily overlaid with yellow orange 22A; labellum Female flowers ye
Rlc. Jade Eclectus 'Alvin'
AD/AOC 2018 (QLD) 79.30  11.Mar.2018  owner: Hopkins R. & J. event: Nambour OS species meet

1 inflorescence of 455mm with 8 flowers; petals and sepals Yellow/green 145A; labellum purple grading from 77A to 78A
Cym. Winter Sunset 'Aart'
AD/AOC 2017 (SA) 76.70  31.Aug.2017  owner: Ng C. event: R&AHS show

6 inflorescences of 1220mm with 94 flowers (19 relevant); petals and sepals Red/purple 71B overlaid with white 155C; labellum Red/purple 59A with yellow 3B
Rth. Rosella's Free Angel 'Kate'
AD/AOC 2017 (QLD) 77.60  11.Aug.2017  owner: Dix R. event: Agnes Water show

1 inflorescence of 61mm with 2 flowers; petals a mix of purple NN78B and MM78D with backgound yellow 17D; sepals white N155c; labellum throat yellow 17C, forward section purple 78B
Den. Rainbow Glow 'Koori'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 81.00  03.Sep.2016  owner: van den Berg H. event: ANOS National Conference

1 inflorescence of 156mm with 14 flowers; petals and sepals Base colour Red Purple 59A with yellow white 158C at centre; labellum Yellow white 59A with red purple 59A markings
Plchs. Jester 'Elisa'
AD/AOC 2016 (VIC) 81.00  11.Nov.2016  owner: Haniver J. event: MOS Sarcanthanae Festival

9 inflorescences of 220mm with 102 flowers + 13buds (14=2 relevant); all segments Base colour Yellow group 10C overlaid Red Group 53A
Sarco. Kulnura Secure 'Pepper N Pink'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 78.10  17.Oct.2016  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Ku-ring-gai OS Oct meeting

4 inflorescences of 202mm with 27 flowers + 20 buds (10+5 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour white NN155D with barring of red purple 70B becoming solid colour on tips; labellum White NN155D with fine markings of yellow orange 14C and orange red 31 towards distal end
Sarco. Kulnura Honeydew 'Black'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 77.00  17.Oct.2016  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Ku-ring-gai OS Oct meeting

9 inflorescences of 169mm with 60 flowers + 41 buds (10 + 5 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour white NN155D with solid markings of grey purple 187C near column with light markings of grey purple 186B near tips; labellum Orange red 34Bwith bars of yellow 8B at distal end
Sarco. Highfields 'Small Blaze'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 78.90  17.Oct.2016  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Ku-ring-gai OS Oct meeting

14 inflorescences of 82mm with 87 flowewrs + 82 buds (9 + 5 relevant); petals and sepsls Red purple 59A; labellum Yellow orange 15B changing to orange red 33B with white NN144D at distal ends
Sarco. Kulnura Fireball 'Intense'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 76.30  17.Oct.2016  owner: Barrita Orchids event: Ku-ring-gai OS Oct meeting

6 inflorescences of 158mm with 41 flowers + 33 buds (10 flowers + 7 buds relevant); petals and sepals Red Purple 59 A; labellum Yellow orange 21C changing to bar of orange red 30B at distal end
Dendrobium parishii 'Trina'
AD/AOC 2016 (QLD) 77.80  24.Nov.2016  owner: Wanka D. & K. event: EDOS Nov meet

2 pseudobulbs of 460mm with 64 flowers (32 relevant); petals and sepals Purple/violet 81A; labellum outer purple 75B and inner side lobes purple 79A
Den. Tweetas 'Mustard'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 82.00  23.Sep.2016  owner: Scott K. event: Wagga Wagga OS Spring Show

150 inflorescences of 52mm with 780 flowers and 1 bud (5 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour yellow orange 15B with fine spots and markings of grey purple 185A; labellum Yellow group 2B with markings of grey purple 185A
Rhynchostylis gigantea 'Baby Angels'
AD/AOC 2016 (QLD) 78.80  16.Aug.2016  owner: Webster K & P event: Redlands OS show

1 inflorescence of 276mm with 20 flowers plus 3 buds; petals and sepals Orange/Red 32C (newer) 29B (older), inner areas 29D; labellum Orange/red 32C with some yellow/green 145D
C. Lakehaven Flash 'Magic'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 81.00  20.Apr.2016  owner: Wood B. event: Special judging

1 inflorescence of 70mm with 2 flowers; petals and sepals White background with Purple Group flaring 76A; labellum Centre Yellow Group 4B; Purple Group flaring on lip N78
Laelia anceps 'Royale Splash'
AD/AOC 2016 (NSW) 79.00  23.Apr.2016  owner: Royale Orchids event: Special Judging

1 inflorescence of 570mm with 3 flowers; petals Base colour Violet Group 84B, feathered in Purple Violet Group 81B; sepals Violet Group 84B; labellum Violet Group 81A, keel Yellow Orange Group 51B, veined in Violet Group 81A
Laelia anceps 'Jody'
AD/AOC 2015 (NSW) 78.00  03.Jun.2015  owner: Cutajar J. event: North Shore OS - June meeting

1 inflorescence of 1100mm with 3 flowers; all segments White Group NN155D
Den. Triple Fantasy 'Lesley'
AD/AOC 2016 (QLD) 78.10  20.May.2016  owner: Shield D. event: Boyne/Tannum OS show

1 inflorescence of 750mm with 22 flowers + 8 buds; petals Red/purple 78B edged with Yellow/green 145C; dorsal sepal Yellow/green 145C with fine stripes of Red/Purple 70B; ventral sepals Yellow/green 145C; labellum red/purple 70B edged with grey/orange 165
Den. Banyad Pink 'Coya'
AD/AOC 2016 (QLD) 79.00  06.May.2016  owner: Salway J. event: Award judging

1 inflorescence of 380mm with 7 flowers + 3 buds; all segments white NN155D with overlaid Purple N78B
Sarco. Serenade 'Fenella'
AD/AOC 2015 (TAS) 77.00  14.Nov.2015  owner: Pinner J. event: Tasmanian OS show

9 inflorescences of 250mm with 91 flowers (10 relevant); all segments white 155D with overlay of Red/purple 73B
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