Prosthechea cochleata 'Rita'
ACE/AOC 2019 (SA) 85.00  14.Jun.2019  owner: Willoughby M. & Ju O. event: SAROC Fair meeting

21 inflorescences of 440mm with 150 flowers and 145 buds (10 relevant); petals and sepals yellow/green 135C; labellum purple 79A with stripes of yellow/green 145C
Gomesa radicans 'Wilmar'
ACE/AOC 2019 (QLD) 87.10  31.Mar.2019  owner: Williams W. event: EDOS autumn show

828 inflorescences of 223mm with 13636 flowers and 1268 buds (17+1 relevant); petals and sepals grey/purple 193B ; labellum white 155D
Cym. Mary Green 'Warleiti'
ACE/AOC 2018 (NSW) 86.00  05.Sep.2018  owner: Jap W. event: North Shore OS September meeting

18 inflorescences of 365mm with 559 flowers and 10 buds (46 relevant); petals and sepals Base colour orange group 27C with faint striations of red purple group 59C; labellum Base colour orange group 27C with large central spots of 187B and solid edging in 187B
Dinema polybulbum 'GRM'
ACE/AOC 2018 (NSW) 87.20  25.Aug.2018  owner: Swindley J. event: Eurobodalla OS Spring Show, Narooma

1000 inflorescences of 15mm with 1000 flowers with 20 buds (1 relevant); petals and sepals Greyed orange 163B with greyed orange 175C overlay; labellum White group 155B with centre stripe of yellow green 150B
Paph. Berenice 'Kim'
ACE/AOC 2018 (NSW) 86.70  28.Oct.2018  owner: Brown I. event: Special Judging

5 inflorescences of 870mm with 17 flowers and 8 buds (4 + 2 relevant); petals red purple 64A, strong at distal end fading to yellow green 153B with spots of red purple towards base; sepals Base colour yellow green 153B with stripes and spots in red purple 64A; labellum yellow green 153A fading into yellow green 153B
Dendrobium kingianum 'Leowenie'
ACE/AOC 2018 (NSW) 87.00  15.Sep.2018  owner: Frey P. event: Illawarra District OS Spring Show

480 inflorescences of 300 mm with 2651 flowers (12 relevant); all segments Base colour white group N155D with red purple group 71D markings on back and distal ends
Den. Australian Ginger 'Golly'
ACE/AOC 2018 (VIC) 88.00  11.Sep.2018  owner: Australian Orchid Nursery event: Special Visit

145 inflorescences of 50mm with 290 flowers (2 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow Green Group 153C with stripes and spots of Greyed Purple 183C; labellum White Group 155C framed and Spotted Red Purple group 74C
Lc. Sylvan Sprite 'Blythe Spirit'
ACE/AOC 2018 (NSW) 86.00  17.May.2018  owner: Royale Orchids event: Orchids Out West

14 inflorescences of 720mm with 56 flowers + 7 buds (6 relevant); petals and sepals Violet Group 84C; labellum Edge Violet Group 84C fading through White N155D and yellow 12C with Grey Purple 187C striations in the centre
Podangis dactyloceras 'Amelia'
ACE/AOC 2017 (NSW) 86.00  10.Dec.2017  owner: Slade I. event: Central Coast & Hunter ANOS Xmas party

16 inflorescences of 17mm with 96 flowers and 15 buds (9 relevant); petals and sepals White group 155D; labellum White group 155D with green pollen cap 140A
Dendrobium teretifolium 'Lawranna'
ACE/AOC 2017 (NSW) 86.00  22.Sep.2017  owner: Lawranna Orchids event: Wagga Wagga OS Spring Show

864 inflorescences of 50mm with 4320 flowers and 194 buds (6 relevant); petals and sepals White Group N155C; labellum White Group N155C with spotting at base of greyed Orange 166A
Dendrobium speciosum 'Clair de Lune'
ACE/AOC 2017 (NSW) 88.00  30.Aug.2017  owner: Blewitt A. event: Special Judging

18 inflorescences of 660mm with 1500 flowers (95 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow group 5C fading to White group 155B at centre; labellum Yellow orange 15A in throat, remainder yellow group 5C with greyed purple 183A spotting
Den. Greta Snow 'Patricia'
ACE/AOC 2017 (NSW) 85.00  02.Sep.2017  owner: van den Berg H. event: Kempsey speciosum Spectacular

25 inflorescences of 460mm with 354 flowers (20 relevant); petlas and sepals White Group NN155A; labellum White Group NN155B
Cymbidium canaliculatum 'Mount Poverty'
ACE/AOC 2017 (QLD) 86.80  09.Sep.2017  owner: Fichera B. event: Townsville O.S. Spring Show

24 inflorescences of 490mm with 1585 flowers + 66 buds (56 relevant); all over black 202A overlaid Greyed/purple187B petals edged with greyed/orange 1673B; labellum white 155C flushed with Greyed/purple 187B
Paphiopedilum insigne 'Kitton Slipper'
ACE/AOC 2017 (NSW) 85.00  07.Jun.2017  owner: Reyes A. & K. event: North Shore OS June meeting

18 inflorescences of 190mm with 18 flowers; petals Base colour yellow green 151C with markings and shadings of greyed orange 177B; dorsal sepal Base colour yellow green 151C with markings and shadings of greyed orange 177B with white 115D at the distal end; ventral sepal Yellow green 151C; labellum Base colour yellow green 151C with markings and shadings of greyed orange 177B
Cattleya purpurata 'Loanne'
ACE/AOC 2016 (NSW) 90.00  18.Dec.2016  owner: Dobson L. & W. event: Special Judging

30 inflorescences of 280mm with 130 flowers + 14 buds (5 relevant); petals and sepals White NN155D; labellum White NN155D with yellow 8C in throat
Dendrobium chordiforme 'Fred'
ACE/AOC 2016 (NSW) 86.00  20.Oct.2016  owner: Fear F. event: Special Judging

224 inflorescences of100mm with 5306 flowers +70 buds (24 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow group 2D; labellum Yellow group 2D with centre yellow 144D
Aerangis articulata 'Wilmar'
ACE/AOC 2016 (QLD) 86.00  24.Nov.2016  owner: Williams W.R. event: EDOS Nov meet

8 inflorescences of 540mm with 140 flowers, 32 buds (23 relevant); allsegments white 155C Spur length 153 mm
Angraecum eburneum 'Brett'
ACE/AOC 2016 (NSW) 86.00  19.Jul.2016  owner: Fear F. event: Boolaroo OS Winter Show

10 inflorescences of 650mm with 75 flowers and 3 buds (9 + 1 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow green group 145B; labellum White NN 155D with yellow green centre 144D.Spur 65mm long x 2.5mm diameter
Den. Enobi Purple 'Splash'
ACE/AOC 2016 (NSW) 85.50  30.Mar.2016  owner: Andrews C. event: Alstonville OS Autumn Show

21 inflorescences of 450mm with 279 flowers (19 relevant); all segments White Group NN155D with splashes and stripes of Purple Group N80B
Dendrobium striolatum 'Yellow Star'
ACE/AOC 2015 (TAS) 85.50  18.Sep.2015  owner: Pinner J. event: Launceston OS spring show

886 inflorescences of 30mm with 1174 flowers (2 relevant) all segments base colour greyed/orange 161B with stripes of greyed/orange 165B
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