Award no: 6075
Genus: Laelianthe
Plant name:
Laelianthe Bowrialbida 'Kennedys'
Owner: Dobson L. & B.   Show all awards this owner
Award: ACM/AOC 2019 (NSW)
Points: 82.00
Date: 27.May.2019
Event: OSNSW meeting
Description: 19 inflorescences of 66mm with 228 flowers (12 relevant); petals and sepals Purple group 77c overlaid with Purple group 77B; labellum White group N155D suffused with yellow orange 14D towards the centre. Transitioning to purple group 77C at the tip
Parentage: Gur. bowringiana x L. albida   List all awards this grex or species
Flower length: 61.0
Flower width: 45.0
Flower petals: 31L 20W
Dorsal sepal: 33L 11W
Ventral sepals: 30L 11W
Labellum: 21L 15W


Photos by: Bromley G

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