Award no: 5963
Genus: Paphiopedilum
Plant name:
Paph. Berenice 'Kim'
Owner: Brown I.   Show all awards this owner
Award: ACE/AOC 2018 (NSW)
Points: 86.70
Date: 28.Oct.2018
Event: Special Judging
Description: 5 inflorescences of 870mm with 17 flowers and 8 buds (4 + 2 relevant); petals red purple 64A, strong at distal end fading to yellow green 153B with spots of red purple towards base; sepals Base colour yellow green 153B with stripes and spots in red purple 64A; labellum yellow green 153A fading into yellow green 153B
Parentage: Paph. lowii x Paph. philippinense   List all awards this grex or species
Flower length: 114.0
Flower width: 175.0
Flower petals: 126L 9W
Dorsal sepal: 47L 40W
Ventral sepals: 46L 35W
Labellum: 37L 32W


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