Award no: 5787
Genus: Dimorphorchis
Plant name:
Dimorphorchis lowii  'Joana'
Owner: Scott-Harden C. & G.   Show all awards this owner
Award: AD/AOC 2018 (NSW)
Points: 78.00
Date: 29.Jan.2018
Event: OSNSW January Meeting
Description: 2 inflorescences of 700mm with 16 flowers (9 relevant) petals and sepals Female flowers base colour yellow orange 15C with spots of orange N25C. Male flowers base colour Yellow orange 18B heavily overlaid with yellow orange 22A; labellum Female flowers ye
Parentage: species   List all awards this grex or species
Flower length: 31.0
Flower width: 40.0
Flower petals: 19/28L 10/7W
Dorsal sepal: 25/30L 11.5
Ventral sepals: 29/30L 11.5
Labellum: 13/15L 8.5W


Photos by: Bromley G

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