Award no: 5735
Genus: Dendrobium
Plant name:
Den. Australian Ginger 'Templestowe'
Owner: Wain D.   Show all awards this owner
Award: ACC/AOC 2017 (VIC)
Points: 77.60
Date: 20.Oct.2017
Event: Judges training day
Description: 80 inflorescences of 75mm with 350 flowers (5 relevant); All over Greyed Orange Group 163 B (Back of flower Greyed Orange Group 165A) (striped Greyed Orange Group 165 B
Parentage: Dend striolatum x Dend fuliginosum   List all awards this grex or species
Flower length: 24.0
Flower width: 25.0
Flower petals: L W
Dorsal sepal: L W
Ventral sepals: L W
Labellum: L W


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