Award no: 5555
Genus: Dendrobium
Plant name:
Den. Tweetas 'Violet Lip'
Owner: Ellermore Orchids   Show all awards this owner
Award: HCC/AOC 2016 (NSW)
Points: 79.50
Date: 10.Sep.2016
Event: Wyong Springtime Festival
Description: 144 inflorescences of 50mm with 576 flowers and 11 buds (5 relevant); petals and sepaals Base colour greyed yellow 160A overlaid with striping in red purple 60C; labellum Base colour red purple 60C overlaid with purple violet N81A markings
Parentage: Dendrobium Tweetie x Dendrobium striolatum   List all awards this grex or species
Flower length: 20.0
Flower width: 28.0
Flower petals: 13L 4W
Dorsal sepal: 19L 5W
Ventral sepals: 11L 3W
Labellum: 14L 7W


Photos by: Cutajar J

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